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How Captive Audience Comics Started

It all started as a Hobby before we turned it into an online comic book store.

We started collecting comics in the late 70s. The color, the feel of the paper and the wonder of the stories, anything was possible.

Our collecting slowed down in the late 80's and early 90's, but started picking up steam rolling into 2000.

We found a great comic book store near us and jumped back in with both feet.

As our buying increased we found ourselves with more and more "surplus" comic books and started looking for a way to sell them in order to keep buying new stuff.

We also started looking at CGC grading, as that portion of the market was really growing.

Around 2010 we actively started buying and selling comics online, and in 2019 we took the plunge creating our own online comic book store shipping worldwide daily.

We have also been cleaning and pressing comic books for CGC and CBCS grading submission since 2014.

So if you are looking for a comic book store near you, consider our comic shop to help you out, being online makes us near everyone!

Hopefully we can ignite that passion in readers to keep the cycle going. Keep reading and wondering, it’s good to feel like a kid again!