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How Captive Audience Comics Started

It all started as a Hobby.

I started collecting comics when I was around 12 years old. I loved the color, the feel of the paper and the wonder of the stories, anything was possible.
In my 20’s I forgot about them as my interests changed to other things, and they got boxed away and stuffed in a closet.
Then I found a TV series call Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. A show that follow Kevin Smith’s comic shop, the people that worked there, and the customers the loved to help.
That reignited by passion for comics, and along with an understanding wife I was on the wagon again.
I found a good local comic shop, Comic Book Addiction in Whitby, for my weekly titles. Steve, who owns that shop, has helped out a lot tracking down issues I have missed over the years.
My collection has now gotten to the point where I am buying other small collections, keeping what I need, and selling off the rest.
So hopefully I can ignite that passion is some other reader to keep the cycle going.
Keep reading and wondering, it’s good to feel like a kid again.